Climate ER is a UK based renewable energy developer focused on solar PV, wind and distributed generation assets.


Climate Emergency Renewables exists to accelerate the end of fossils fuels in the UK energy mix by urgently pursuing a pipeline of renewable
energy projects, with additional benefits to
biodiversity and ecosystems.


Our team of renewable energy experts have provided development services for some of the largest renewable energy asset operators in the world across the full project development life cycle.


We are committed in assisting the UK in reaching its net zero target by bringing clean energy assets to the market. We work closely with global infrastructure funds to manage the various stages of project development and ensure that we deliver the highest level of service for all our project stakeholders.

Our Commitment

  • Be proactive and transparent with all partners to accelerate renewables development.

  • Maximise biodiversity and ecosystem benefits on renewable energy hosting sites.

  • Give personal attention to projects and people. Be honest in communication. Do the right thing, not the easy thing